Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Growing Boys

Here's an updated picture of my little chunky monkey. It's so crazy how different my boys are. Blake is almost 4 months old and is now wearing clothes that Zach wore when he was 9 months old! I just love that double chin and I could kiss those cheeks all day long!!

Zach has always loved to be near his little brother and lately it has been fun to watch how Blake is starting to respond more to all the attention. As soon as he sees Zach in the morning, he gets the biggest smiles and squeals, and his arms and legs just start flailing. One of Zach's favourite brotherly activities is to read books to Blake in the crib. I know it'll be quite some time before these two actually 'play' together, but I figure this is a great start :)

I recently came across a blog post called 25 Rules for Mothers Of Sons.
It is beautifully written and I recommend having a tissue handy. I feel very blessed to be the momma of these two amazing boys!!

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