Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

Since I will be heading out of town for a couple weeks right before Christmas, and I'm in charge of the ward Christmas party, I've had to get everything ready for Christmas ahead of time. No procrastinating this year! Zach is still a bit young to understand everything, but it is so much fun to watch his excitement so far with even the littlest things to do with Christmas. This is definitely my favourite time of year so we've had Christmas music playing for a couple weeks now. Mark and Zach surprised me and brought up the Christmas tree to decorate in mid-November. I wasn't sure if Mark was going to go for putting it up at all this year. He feels that the tree and 3 huge storage bins of Christmas decorations are a bit excessive (especially since we've had to move it all at least twice!) I'm starting to think that having kids is bringing Mark out of his 'humbug' state though. HA! With Christmas music blaring, we put up the tree and decorated the house. Zach was hilarious throughout the whole process and was jumping up and down, shouting 'hooray' with each piece we put up. After we turned on the lights he spent the next while trying to blow out all the 'candles'.

He was also in awe watching Mark put up all the outdoor Christmas lights. He kept saying, "So pretty, Mom!"
We waited until Deanna could come over with the girls to actually decorate the tree.
Zach insisted on putting at least 10 decorations in the same spot.

To follow last year's 'tradition', we took the boys to see Santa Claus with their cousin Claire at the West Edmonton Mall. Zach has been watching the 'Barney Christmas' movie from the library, but I was still surprised when he seemed to understand who we were going to see. He spent the entire day talking about it and was so antsy to get out the door that evening. We thought it would be the best time to go as last year we hardly had to wait in line. Well, it was much busier this year and we were in line for almost an hour. That not an easy feat with a baby, a 1 yr old & a 2 yr old, especially right at their bedtime.

They were actually doing fantastic right up to the time when Zach & Blake were next to go up. We planned to have Zach go first to show Claire how excited he was and hopefully prevent her from being too scared of Santa. Well ... as luck would have it, out of no where, Claire ran up to Zach and gave him a little push. He fell off a little ledge and knocked his head on the 'Letters to Santa' mailbox. The timing was actually quite comical as a previously very excited boy was now bawling his eyes out. We had Claire go first to give Zach time to calm down, but she was terrified and cried the whole time (resulting in an awesome Santa photo for her - haha). It didn't help that this Santa was not so smiley, but this was the best photo we could get. Oh well - it made for a lot of laughs for the adults at least!! Maybe next year ...

Lauren and Keira also came over this week to make a gingerbread train and some Christmas ornaments. I think Zach ate more candy than he put on the train, but they sure had a good time. Christmas can't come soon enough!!

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