Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Growing Boys

Here's an updated picture of my little chunky monkey. It's so crazy how different my boys are. Blake is almost 4 months old and is now wearing clothes that Zach wore when he was 9 months old! I just love that double chin and I could kiss those cheeks all day long!!

Zach has always loved to be near his little brother and lately it has been fun to watch how Blake is starting to respond more to all the attention. As soon as he sees Zach in the morning, he gets the biggest smiles and squeals, and his arms and legs just start flailing. One of Zach's favourite brotherly activities is to read books to Blake in the crib. I know it'll be quite some time before these two actually 'play' together, but I figure this is a great start :)

I recently came across a blog post called 25 Rules for Mothers Of Sons.
It is beautifully written and I recommend having a tissue handy. I feel very blessed to be the momma of these two amazing boys!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Mary, Lanise and I got our kiddos together for a photo shoot of all the Corie grandkiddos. We put them in these awesome outfits that our in-laws brought them back from Disney World.
We took a TON of photos and this was the closest we got to having them all look at the camera. Oh well ... they still make a pretty cute bunch :)

My little sister, Kaleigh, just had her second son and we were able to go down for his baby blessing earlier this month. On our way down we made a short pit-stop in Calgary to give the kids a break, and to meet the Kutarna's newest addition. Zach was so excited to see his friend, Natalie!
Our visit to Lethbridge was a quick one, but so worth the drive.
I finally got a picture of the boys with their Great-Grandma & Grandpa Smith - two of my most favourite people!!
... and my most handsome nephews!!
Zach sure had a great time with Brody and I just couldn't get enough of Connor. He sure looks a lot like Kaleigh and has a ton of blonde hair. He's such a good baby and I already can't wait to cuddle him again at Christmas time!
Congrats Kaleigh & Kevin!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I am officially the world's greatest procrastinator! I have started numerous blog posts and always seem to get side tracked by a couple of busy little boys. Since this blog has basically become somewhat of a family journal, I vowed that this week I'd finally complete all my posts and finally get them up here - so here goes ...

Halloween has always been a fun time of year, but I have to say that as Zach gets older it has become all the more exciting! Zach loves to paint and was absolutely thrilled when I told him he could help paint the pumpkin. We used black chalkboard paint so we could write a Halloween countdown '5 days til Halloween', etc.

A week ago I was craving sugar cookies so we invited some friends over to help decorate and eat some.
Zach didn't quite understand the concept of decorating cookies as he would repeatedly spread some icing on the cookie and then lick it all off. He never ate a single cookie. Mmmmm ... icing!!! We experienced quite the sugar high at the Corie house that day!
Thanks to my latest addiction that is 'PINTEREST', I have found so many fun ideas for Halloween. I thought it would be fun to try a few things out and throw a little party for Zach and some of his friends.
Here are a few things I put together:
Bat Juice
Orange Jack-o-lanterns
Floating Frozen Hand
Ghostly Cheese Strings
Mummy Cupcakes
Mummy Dogs
And here's a few pictures of all the kiddos all dressed up. Too cute!!!

The night before Halloween we got together with Brian and Lanise to carve pumpkins. Zach was enthralled by the whole experience!

He helped me sort through the pumpkin 'guts' to pick out the seeds for a later snack.
Blake even dressed up for the occasion.
We had to take it outside and light it up for Zach. It was hilarious to see how excited he was!
And the finished product ...
Here's my little guys ready to go trick-or-treating.
We just took them to Mark's parents and grandparents and some of our neighbours.
Zach was just starting to catch onto the idea of trick-or-treating when we headed home. I already can't wait for next year!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!