Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Fun

Although our summer seemed WAY too short, we definitely can't complain about the weather we've had this fall! At the end of September, Mark's brother, Brian, took a few of the boys out in his in-laws boat. I can't remember the last time we were able to go boating so late in the year! It was Zach's first boat ride and he seemed to warm up to the experience, after he got used to the loud noise from the motor. It was a little too cold for him to actually get in the water though, as he still turns blue in most swimming pools and would rather just sit in the hot tub.
Mark did get the chance to get out on the water a few times!

Here's an updated picture of our littlest man. He's turning into quite a smiley guy - especially in the middle of the night or during diaper changes. Who would've thought? Those were the times Zach used to scream the most! His smiles are what help to keep me sane in the night though, since he has felt the need to wake up literally every 1-2 hours for the past few weeks.

I'm so tired I don't know if I'm safe to drive or use electrical appliances at times. I've returned to the kitchen to find I've left water running for no reason and I've even found the strangest things that I've placed in the fridge! It's funny that I can feel so well rested on the odd night where I get one 2 1/2 -3 hour stretch after 10pm. I only feed him every 3 hrs but he always finds some other reason to be awake. I've read every book out there and nothing seems to be helping. Any genius tips would be greatly appreciated!

Aside from being quite a gassy baby, he is the master of getting out of any form of swaddling I can devise, although he won't sleep without it. As soon as I find him un-swaddled, he often gives me this sly sort of grin as if to say, "Ha Mom, I did it again!!" I just bought a new type of swaddling blanket on-line called a 'Woombie', which is supposed to be the best thing out there, (thanks to Rachel for the tip!) so I can't wait for it to arrive so I can test it out. Ya gotta love sleep deprivation!!
I have been trying to take a few more pictures of Blake recently, since I was feeling guilty that by this age Zach had at least triple the amount of pictures taken. I was taking some of Blake in his crib when Zach decided he had to be a part of the action. I had stepped out of the room for a second and before I knew it, Zach had scaled the crib and was lying next to his brother. Yikes! I'm going to have to keep an eye on this climber! Blake wasn't sure what to think, but Zach now wants to be in the crib with his brother any chance he can get. I now have no safe place that I can leave Blake for a few minutes while I shower etc.
Zach has tried to pull Blake out of the bouncy chair and the swing by his feet, or shove Blake's soother practically down his throat and then say "Mom, I did it!!". He also likes to lay down on top of poor Blake or he puts blankets over his face. His latest trick (and he thinks he's soooo funny ...) is to steal his soother when Mom isn't looking and hide it. It's all out of brotherly love for the little guy but it definitely keeps me on my toes! It does warm my heart though when in the morning or after every nap he always has to find Blake to give him kisses and smothering hugs, and in a voice that's two octaves lower than usual he says "Hi, Baby Brother"! I'm trying to cherish every moment with my precious family and I look forward to the day when they can actually play together... safely!
Zach loves his books and always looks forward to story time with his dad before bedtime. I sure love all my boys :)
One of the reasons fall is one of my favourite times of year is because of all the yummy apples that make so many delicious treats! My mother-in-law gave us a bunch this year and Zach was more than excited to be my little helper! They are going to make some very yummy apple pies and apple crisp! My MIL also helped us make a bunch of applesauce for Blake to enjoy in a few months. I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I have the best in-laws (and I'm not just looking for daughter-in-law brownie points!!) Thanks Momma Corie!!
A couple weeks ago we were still having some gorgeous fall weather so we decided to venture out for some fun at the park ... and a photo shoot by mom.

Blake slept most of the time, so I just took a quick picture in the stroller.
Zach favourite thing to do lately is to jump or gallup everywhere he goes.
He sure loved to play in the leaves, once I showed him how it's done!
Zach and his buddy Evan weren't sure though about getting buried in the leaves by their moms.
Mark had a day off last week as he was on-call the night prior, so after Mark got up we got to enjoy some family time at the swimming pool. We decided to try out the Terwilleger Rec Center and it was amazing!! The water was actually warm enough for both boys and it was such a fun pool. Blake lasted almost an hour before he passed out for the rest of the morning. We can't wait to go again!!

Even though we tried out Prairie Garden's at the beginning of the summer, we decided to see what they had to offer last weekend in the fall season. Mark was working on-call so I took the boys and met up with John, Mary & Claire. Unfortunately it was quite chilly with a really cold wind so we didn't last long. Zach did get to feed the goats.
And go horseback riding ... or something like that.
And luckily we found an indoor pumpkin patch to take some pictures of the kids.
Zach sure loves his cousin Claire-bear!!

We also checked out the local band. Zach wasn't sure what to think about the skeleton heads, but surprisingly he wasn't scared by them.
Although it appears that our beautiful fall weather is coming to a close, it was definitely wonderful while it lasted!!

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  1. Blake wearing that swimming suit to the pool brings back memories of Zach in that thing. Now I extra miss you guys!