Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zachary's Two!

Happy Birthday to my biggest little man! We started his big day out with one of my family's favourite birthday traditions - letter pancakes! The only letter Zach recognizes so far is the letter 'Z', so he was pretty excited about his birthday pancake.
We had a little get together with some of Zach's friends for a backyard party. My niece, Lauren, was a great helper in watching Blake for me - she makes a great babysitter for only being 4 years old!

I made the rainbow cupcakes found on Our Best Bites. They turned out ok but ended up taking me FOREVER to make, especially with trying to juggle a couple of busy little boys. It didn't help that I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and had to make sure that every layer was even.

Me and my favourite 2 yr old.
Since his Dad had to be on-call on his birthday, I thought I'd take him out for a very special and might I add, quite 'nutritious', birthday supper at the park. Mmmm McDonald's!
Not so little anymore...
My parents, Kaleigh & Brody came up that same weekend for Blake's baby blessing and to celebrate a few birthday's (including my big 3-0 ...). Here are all the Bennett cousins taking a break at the park. It's so fun to watch them grow and play together!
After Blake's baby blessing we had everyone over for a Cafe Rio Salad dinner and I made this cake for Zach. He's really into machines lately, especially with all the road construction going on throughout Edmonton. He makes sure to point out every machine or truck we pass by. Mark also bought him a book about machines and he can now correctly identify each one. Who knew that there was a difference between an excavator and a front loader? To me, a machine is a machine. It's a good thing I have boys now to teach me these things, although it's been quite the steep learning curve ...
Here's Blake in his blessing outfit. I thought he kind of looked like a miniature golfer, haha! He was wide-eyed, but quiet throughout his entire blessing. He did so well for his special day!!
I could just kiss those cheeks all day :)

Blowing out the candles ... here's to another great year ahead for Zachary. I can't wait to see what adventures await our busy little man. He keeps us laughing all the time and has brought so much excitement into our little family. We love watching him learn and he's becoming such a curious fellow. Love you bugaloo!!

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  1. LOVE the halloween party ideas. Pinterest is great. Blake was super cute in his 'golfer' outfit ;) and Happy Birthday to you and Zach!