Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

For Thanksgiving, we miraculously were able to get all the Bennett's together in Lethbridge for our annual family photos. With some of us living in Edmonton and with all of our crazy schedules it can be difficult to get us all together. A friend of my mom's, Shannon Pratt took our photos this year and did a great job!!

Kaleigh was so kind to let us stay with them in Sterling for the weekend. The boys had so much fun playing together (aka constantly stealing each others toys!).

Zach got caught red-handed with the tv remote.
[On a side note, other than saying 'Mama', 'Dada', 'Whaz That?', and 'All done', his most common words are 'No', and 'Don't!'. Whenever he gets caught with something he shouldn't have (eg. dad's computer cord, the phone, or basically any piece of technology) he says 'No' or 'Don't' almost before we do. It's actually quite humorous, but makes me wonder if I say it too much ... ??]
We were also able to celebrate Kaleigh's birthday while we were down.
Happy Birthday Sis!!! Isn't she gorgeous??!!
We hurried back up to Edmonton on the Monday to hang out with all the Corie's. Zach had a blast playing with Auntie Lanise in the wagon and pushing some of his dad's old trucks around the yard. Overall, it was a fabulous weekend. We are truly so blessed!!

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  1. Ok sorry for commenting on every post, but I just can't help it. Ok those pics of you and your family are soooo cute! I think Natalie will be needing one to put in a frame in her room...she misses her boyfriend.