Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Day

I hate being cold!!! Zach was getting some cabin fever today, however, so I decided to brave the blizzard and take Zach out to play in the snow. All the layers of clothing make it easier to keep up with him as he can't move quite as fast. He's also still a little unsure of what to do with all this cold, white stuff.

He loves to help sweep and vacuum inside, so it wasn't a big surprise when he also wanted to help dad shovel the walks. What a great helper, indeed!!
Takin' a break from all the hard work.
Merry Christmas from the Corie's!!!!!!!


  1. Zach looks so cute Kim! Wow I am in blog heaven..seeing that you wrote like 8 posts woohoo! Warning to you in advance, that I probably will comment on every single one haha sorry!

  2. awwww! i seriously cannot wait to see you guys!!! i going to? i forget but i sure hope so! glad you are having some fun with the snow up there :)

  3. holy cow - postaholic! good to see your family doing well and keeping busy.