Friday, July 15, 2011

Canada Day Celebrations!

Zach got to spend Canada Day morning with his Grandma & Grandpa Corie at the Legislature festivities.

Takin' a smoothie break with Grandpa.

Having a snooze on the walk back to the car. Someone clearly had a good time celebrating!!

My parents came up later that day and we were able to spend the weekend together. We headed out to Prairie Gardens together the next morning, although Mark was on-call. Here's some pictures of the rest of our fun weekend together.

On the big swing all by himself - my boy is growing up!!
Zach has so much fun with his cousins! I don't know why I buy him toys when random items around the house keep them just as entertained.
My mom brought up a kiddy pool that worked perfectly with our slide. Zach, Lauren & Keira spent a couple hours having an absolute blast in the pool. I don't think our neighbourhood has ever heard so many squeals and giggles!
This is one of my favourite photos of my boys. Zach used to cry hysterically every time we'd start up the lawnmower, so I found this toy lawnmower on Kijiji for super cheap. As long as he can help mow the lawn, there are no tears!
Zach sure thought it was exciting to pull out all the baby stuff in preparation for the arrival of his new brother. Unfortunately, the waiting continues ...

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