Sunday, June 26, 2011

This n' That

I love this picture of my little man! My mother-in-law took this picture the other day while we were on a walk.
Life never seems to stop for Zach, so I was absolutely shocked to find him asleep in his high chair after lunch one day. He's never done it before or since, and I had to take a picture to prove to Mark that it actually happened!
Mark's parents recently bought a push bicycle for the grandkids. It's a bike with no pedals or training wheels. Since Zach is the only one old enough to ride it so far, he's had the bike to himself for now. He's always bringing his helmet out and begging to go to Grandma & Grandpa's to ride the bike. He's growing up too fast!!
One of Zach's favourite people is his cousin Claire. He's always asking for Claire-bear. She, however, isn't always too impressed yet with the extra 'love' Zach tries to show her. I love my cute little niece :)
Zach also loves any time he can spend with his Grandparents. We'll be driving 10 blocks away from Mom and Dad Corie's and he's already shouting 'Gwamma & Pampa House'!! He's already better at knowing directions than me (although I'm not too hard to beat...). He also knows where his day home is and will bring it up even when we're a few blocks away. I have my own little GPS - it's amazing!

Zach has also being quite curious about things around the house and now that he's able to open most things, I have to keep a closer eye on him. He did manage to dump most of my loose facial powder all over my bed and thought he's apply some mascara too.

Plumbing & Renos
We had an unfortunate mishap with our plumbing pipes collapsing this spring and therefore needed the entire pipes replaced. As Zach has been more interested in machines lately, he was beyond excited to have such a close-up view of this one at work. They had to dig a huge hole in our front yard and another in our basement floor. We were sure grateful we hadn't started finishing our basement yet! I was sure happy to have our plumbing back after a few days. It's amazing what simple things we take for granted until it's taken away!
We figured that since our basement was already in ruins we might as well keep working on finishing it. Initially we had new windows installed as you could see light shining through gaps on our previous windows and our basement was always soooo cold. Zach wanted to help his dad dig out the window well.
This is the basement floor after all the plumbing repairs and some major relocation of pipes for our future bathroom.
With all the commotion happening downstairs, Zach didn't want to miss a thing. What an adorable little handyman!

With a hubby who's never done any construction, I was sure proud of his awesome framing job! It's amazing what you can learn on-line!!

Baby Brielle
Welcoming to the world my newest niece, Brielle. Congrats Brian & Lanise - she's gorgeous!!

Banff Holiday
With our second baby due to arrive in a month, Mark and I were able to get away to Banff for a couple nights. It was rainy and chilly but it was so wonderful to be able to sleep past 6am and just relax! We were so grateful for John & Mary who watched our little munchkin so we could have such a wonderful holiday! I absolutely love being in the mountains!!

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