Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Since Mark was going to be on-call the next day, we had a pretty low key New Year's Eve at our house. Mark's parents joined us for some Chinese food and then we all rang in the New Year at a whopping 7pm! Zach had a fun time trying to use the noisemaker, but Blake was more scared by all the commotion.
Try as he might, Zach had a hard time getting his noisemaker to work.

Zach is definitely my motivator when it comes to New Year's Resolutions. Almost every morning he begs me to exercise and he even joins in for the majority of the workout. When I do push-ups he likes to flop on top of me, so it's like I've got my very own personal trainer too!
Here is my little muscle man working out to one of my favourites, Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred. You gotta love his choice of weights!
Another one of my long list of resolutions is to get more sleep ... if only it was so easy!! Nevertheless, I started Blake on some rice cereal last week and he LOVES it!! Zach had a harder time getting started on solids, so I was expecting it to be a more difficult process. Unfortunately, at this point it hasn't made any difference on his sleep patterns ...

This mischievous little man decided to give me a gift on New Years Day and chose to lather himself in Blake's diaper cream. His face was definitely 'soft as a baby's bottom'!!

Last week we were so lucky to have our good friends, the Kutarna's, come stay with us for a few days. Zach and Natalie had so much fun playing in the tub, it was hard to get them to come out!
One night the guys went out to a movie while Alex and I watched the kids and had a spa night at home.
A girl's night is never complete without a whole lot of ice cream!
The following night the guys 'babysat' the kiddos while Alex and I got away to do some shopping and treat ourselves to Moxie's white chocolate brownies. Sooooo Yummy!!

We were able to go to West Edmonton Mall a few times and here are the kids waiting to go into the water park.
I haven't been to this water park for years, so I was SOOO excited to be there. Zach had a good time in the kiddy pool, but the waterslides and wavepool were a little too cold for him. He spent the majority of the time wrapped in his towel on the chair. Oh well - we'll have to try again in a couple of years.

The next day we went back to the mall to go to the Galaxyland Amusement Park. On our way through the mall, Zach and Natalie insisted on holding hands and walking ahead by themselves. It was pretty cute! Both kids were so excited to go on the train ride and carousel.
The kids started a jamming session on the keyboard. They were playing and dancing up a storm!
It was such a fun few days and we miss them already!


  1. jackpot! I can't wait to read through all these! ha. I am so lame. Anyways, thanks so much for letting us come crash at your place it was so much fun. Natalie is still talking about zach and the sea lions and edmonton haha.

  2. Super fun!!
    Evan also loves to workout with Jill and his weights of choice are NERF darts! LOL
    BTW Blake looks so big since I last saw him. Super duper cute!