Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not So Little Anymore ...

Zach turns 18 months old next week - CRAZY!!! He sure isn't my little baby anymore, but it's hard to believe I already have a toddler on my hands! I just love my little guy!!
In preparation for baby boy #2 we thought we'd better start getting Zach ready by changing his crib into a toddler 'bed' this past weekend. We're hoping to actually move him to another room and a new bed in a couple of months, but thought this might make the transition a little smoother. Zach was sooo excited to help his dad work on his bed! He just wanted to carry the screwdriver around all day.

We weren't sure how the transition would go, but these days he seems to love anything that makes him feel like a "Big" Boy.

It didn't take him long, however, to figure out that he can get out by himself. For the first couple days he would sit and call out to me when he was awake, but that definitely didn't last long. It's still weird to have him run out of his room after naps instead of having to go get him. I've had the flu all week and one night I must've awoken him with my coughing, because I opened my eyes to find little eyes staring at me beside my bed, with a finger about to poke me in the face. It definitely gave me quite a startle!!

Overall though, he's been staying in his bed well for naps and at bedtime. We still need to make a few adjustments as we're having a problem keeping him in his bed while he's actually asleep. We put his huge stuffed animal on the floor below the crib to offer a soft landing in case he did fall, but within a couple hours after going to bed on Saturday night we heard a big thud - our poor little guy fell out and I guess the landing wasn't so soft. We've since added more pillows, but we might have to do something more. He doesn't hurt himself anymore, but he still gets rudely awakened at least once or twice per nap or at night by rolling out of bed. He's such a busy little guy - even in his sleep :) I think his new bed will definitely have to be closer to the ground!


  1. awww! he's getting sooo big :) beckam moves a ton in his sleep, but he's figured out where his pillow is and how to stay in bed better with time. you can also get little rails at ikea (at least down here) to put up to help keep him in, but he'll learn eventually! you can only fall out of bed so many times before you figure out a way not to do it again! too cute!

  2. Brenna has that same "giant pillow pet". That's what we have to call it since she is obsessed with pillow pets!