Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life Lately ...

Where to begin??!! It seems like the month of May went by in a blur! It was filled with lots of celebration, graduation and a lot of moving prep. Zach just continues to grow way too fast and keeps us on our toes. He is now cruising all the furniture, attempting the stairs and he especially loves to follow me around all day, climbing up my pant leg, begging to be picked up. He's definitely a momma's boy, but for now, I have to admit that I love it ... most of the time!!

Zach's favourite entertainment these days is to stand on the couch, looking out the windows, especially when mom or dad is walking in from the car. He's starts squealing and bouncing (more than usual). We're still working on waving though...

I got totally spoiled by my boys this Mother's Day!!! Zach even participated by giving my card a few good chews!! I feel so blessed to be a wife and mother and am sure grateful for the mother's and grandmother's in my life! Thanks to Mark & Zach for making this day so special for me :)

Now, moving onto Mark's graduation ... Yes, Mark is officially a MD ... does that scare anyone else besides me?? I still think he should introduce himself as Doogie Howser, but he doesn't remember that TV series (is anyone else out there old enough to remember it??) I guess that's what happens when you rob the cradle (haha)!!

Here are some pics of his convocation ... Seriously though, I am so incredibly proud of my hubby and look forward to the next five years of residency :) He got accepted to the Psychiatry program in Edmonton, hence the whirlwind of activity this month in preparation to move.

With Mark's parents and grandparents, and my parents all coming from out of town, we went to the Smuggler's Inn for a very yummy celebration dinner after the convocation.

Mark's steak was disgustingly HUGE!! It made me sick just looking at it! He finally had to admit that he couldn't finish the 'roast' by himself ... a humbling experience for a Corie boy :)

Zach was even really well behaved for his first time in a fairly fancy restaurant. I had to pick up the pile of puffs off the floor before we left, but otherwise I think we were able to keep the mess to a minimum!

The following night, his graduating class had a banquet. My mom & dad were great to babysit while we had a fun night out on the town!!

Since my parents were already in town, and it just 'happened' to be their 30th wedding anniversary that weekend, my sisters and I planned a little surprise for them! Aren't they such a cute couple??!!

The Nelson's and Gunderson's showed up at my doorstep while I had my mom answer the door. I LOVE surprises!! Unfortunately, I had to fill my dad in on the secret beforehand, as he'd already booked them in for a round of golf in the Kananaskis that afternoon. It was still worth it though to see mom's face!!!

We ended up spending the entire afternoon at Bowness Park, enjoying a picnic lunch, playing at the park, and throwing rocks in the river etc. We then had chinese food for supper - Yummy!! It was such a fun day to spend together as a family and the weather was gorgeous!
Congrats Mom & Dad!! Look what you have to show for 30 years of marriage ...
Here's some pics of the fun day -

While a group of friend's got together for a BBQ one of my close friend's, Alex Kutarna and her sister Arianne, took some pics of our little family by the Bow River. They did a SUPER job for a spur of the moment photo shoot! Thanks so much ladies!!

As we are moving, I had one last get together with most of the mom's from our little mom's group. Here's a pic of the little munchkins together ... it's crazy how much they've all grown!!! It was harder to just sit and visit like we used to do as they're now all over the place and crawling all over each other!! It was still so fun to get together with some truly fantastic ladies - all who truly helped me survive the craziness of being a new mom and who made the last 9 months so much fun! I'm really going to miss you all!!!

Our dear friends, the Flexhaug's, Kutarna's and Shanks had a 'good-bye' dinner for us the night before we moved. You guys are the best - we'll miss you!!!!!

Sorry for such a long post, but there was a lot to catch up on!! We moved last Friday to Edmonton, but we're staying with Mark's parents for the week until we get possession of our new place this Friday. Once I track down the camera cord, I'll post some pics of the new place. I'm really looking forward to getting all of our stuff (and we have a lot of STUFF) moved in and organized. I feel like we've lived in limbo for a couple months now. We are so sad to leave all of our friends in Calgary, but feel that Edmonton is where we are supposed to be right now. It'll be so nice to live closer to family and friends up here, and we're truly excited for all the fun and adventure that awaits us!!

ps. We LOVE visitors - come anytime!!!!


  1. best post ever kim! seriously wow you got it all in, in one big post! That steak is ridiculous...we'll have to go to Smugglers when you come to visit and order one for Joe bahaha. See you in a couple of weeks.! p.s. the pic of Zack at the top of the page is to die for.

  2. Kim, or course I remember Doogie Howser. I used to watch it when I was younger... and now that actor is making a comeback but he will always be doogie to me. We miss you! Hope you are having fun in Edmonton!

  3. Kim!! You guys look great!! Congrats to Mark--and you! What a feat to get the husband through!! Zach is a doll! He's so handsome! How old is he now? Deanna looks really good in her hat too--not everybody can pull a hat off, so good fer her! Ba ha! You look like such a hottie in the red dress! Good work...So Doogie Howser, eh?! Yep. I really thought I was going to marry him when I was a kid--that is, if Gilbert Blythe fell through!! Ummm...Enjoy Edmonton. I really miss the summer there (AZ is too darn hot during the summer!). I miss yer face! Keep posting!!

  4. hey kim! blog hopping and came across your blog, so cute!!!